Tuesday, June 17, 2003


got to LA just before dinner and met up w/yule and koala at the wilshire inn. BYC and jr picked us up and we headed off to Chinks. met up with other membas and had dinner and drinks. then yule, yao, byc, koala, and me drove to cindys club. fricken jr said he was just gonna go home after dinner but next thing u know we see him at Cindys!

at first i was with sandy. shes got nice juts but i remember seeing her from way before when we all went the 1st time. then i saw the girl everyone was talking about: sarah. dear God she was beautful. she ended up being with yule...which was probly not coincidence. once everyone started getting faded the girls got freaky. lotta touching juts, kissing, and freaking. sara had perfect juts! i wanted to grab and lick. i was so happy that i was there celebrating yules bday than being imprisoned at elmwood jail that by the time the bill came out i wanted it on my amex. yule tried to stop me but i was too happy and faded so i charged it anyway. final bill was $627.58! got around half in cash tho.

next morning we were veggin at hotel. yule said he was feeling sick which was strange cuz he rarely gets hungover. we then ate at Wako donkatsu. pretty good. went back to hotel and just vegged out. yule went back to sleep. then byc and jr came by and we headed off to saddle back. 1st group to arrive was jess, chris, and jenn. the cake was hella funny! yules head on my body, lisas head on yule, my head on lisas. byc, yao, jr, and me shared ribs and steak. fatty portions. by this time yule was MIA sleeping in the car. lotta hot girls at the ranch. it was fun.

after saddle back, we were all hungry again so we went to jinju gohmtang. i guess we were meeting up with megaton and her decepticons. we dropped off yule and jr back at wilshire inn. byc, yao, and i went to go to megatons base. i drank two vanilla vodka cokes and then we boned out. yule and jr were crashed.

next morning (sunday) i notice that yule is missing. i was like WTF..did he go to church? then yao and jr told me the story how he fainted and went to the ER at 6am. i was in shock. i tried calling hospital and they told me he was waiting for test results. BT. way too much drama these passed couple days!

we ended up meeting rose, ji, and jess at chings for dimsum. jajangmyun was flavorless. got a hold of yule finally and he said he might have to stay overnight...burn. meanwhile jr was tripping about the night before cuz he called iris the virus like 5 times in 20 minutes. total Swingers move.
afterwards, we went to beverly center. jess had to pick up some ajuma shorts for jen. crutches in mall is impossible, so i did wheelchair action.
jess went back home and the rest of us went to go watch finding nemo. i was kinda dissappointed. at the parts when everyone was laughing i was totally unamused. then gotta a call from koala saying that yule was being released from ER, so went to go pick him up.

yule looked like he got raped. he said he sulsah-ed liquid over 10 times. we stopped by hotel cuz his car and stuff was there. fucken cleaning lady jacked or threw away his $50 gift certificate. after yule boned out jr, yao, and me ate shabu shabu on western. we kyebaiboed for the bill and JR lost...was so happy. yao and i went back to hotel and chilled. koala got off work at 11 and we went to sojutown. drank 6 bottles of soju. they have good ass anjoos..pretty packed for a sunday night. koala crashed at hotel.

next morning yao tells us he had sleep walking experience. kinda scary shit. he woke up on the roof of hotel!! then we checked out and went to yules house in arcadia. we ate at the world famous mandoo house, played with puppy, and vegged out. then FINALLY after years, yule took me to ZANKOO chicken house. that place was worth the wait. i fricken devoured the meal. BT tho cuz yule either left 16 year old's wrap on top of car or he never picked it up.

was totally depressed again on the way home to bay area. the usual sadness after a fun weekend. yao and i barely talked on the way home. he was probly thinking about vickie. i on the other hand was trying to relive the weekend in my head. burn..1am...back in san ho...

but only 3 more days till i see yule again! we just gonna eat and sleep like last time he was here. but i guess this is good considering he had that gastroticulartitus/pendecitus shit over the weekend. then the following week is CAMPING!!!!!!
BT! so last thursday was fran's high school graduation. i had a couple of hours to kill so i decided to go to the sherrifs office and self surrender. from what the DA told me, all i needed to do was go to the sherrif and set a court date. OK...she lied like a rug. after a few minutes of walking into that place, i was handcuffed and lead to the back room. all right in front of fran...total burn. the whole time i am thinking what the hell is happening?! i am trying to be a responsible citizen by coming here to take care of this warrant, instead i am being treated like a child rapist who was on the run.

once the basic booking was done (paperwork + confiscation of all personal items), i was transported to the santa clara county jail. while waiting to be booked again, i was so pissed that i was missing the graduation. but at the same time i was wondering what tomorrow was going to bring. my main concern was wondering whether or not if anyone (SF and/or LA friends) even knew i was in this shithole. well after the main paperwork was processed, all the inmates recieved a wristband with your mugshot and #. then they break u down into groups (based on what time u were arrested) and u wait in line to get your TB shots. now this is when i got screwed over. since i was medically cleared for my crutches, the cops gave me extra special attention which i thought at first would benefit me. BUT HELLS NO!!! my physical impairment actually came biting me in the ass!!

the cops seemed it necessary to separate me from rest of the inmates and put me in a separate holding cell. they thought my crutches posed a major threat: 1) i could use them to attack other inmates or 2) the inmates could jack them from me and attack others 3) we could use them to attack the cops. so instead of putting me in the general population, i was put into solitary confinement. OK, so u might think this was good for me. FUCK NO! this cell was like the rooms u see in those pyscho wards in the movies. it was literally a 4'x 4'white room with a tiny sink/toilet combo and one bench that was not big enough to sleep on. it was fricken nearly soundproof. the only opening to the outside world was a small ass window and one vent for the cops to talk to u through. but honestly it was so quiet in there all i could hear was myself breathe. then one of the cops told me take off my shoes and i did it but i was like WTF!!?? he then left my shoes outside the door and locked me in. i swear to God they were just doing this to fuck with me.

i can actually see the holding cell across from me where all the other inmates i came with were being held. they were given drink, sandwhich, and had access to 2 public phones and even a TV. they were all chilling in there...talking, eating, some of them even looked like they were having a good time. meanwhile, my ass is starving, thirsty, and just fucken goign insane. not to mention my feet were fricken freezing. that pissed me off so bad cuz all the other inmates didnt have to take their shoes off. i wanted to talk to someone so bad...but it was just nothing. i felt is if they forgot about me in there. for several hours i just banged my fists against the door to try to get anyones attention. but it was just nothing... i couldn't even fall asleep cuz it was too quiet and it was so bright in there. at this point i am literally going insane. i've mentally lost it. then i started thinking about how i was going to miss the LA trip...and i started getting pissed off again.

finally a officer came to the door after i was yelling, banging and making a tantrum. i told him i never even got a phonecall and he looked surprise for a couple seconds and then finally let me out to use a phone in another cell. only problem is that u can only call 408 area code numbers. unfortunately i couldnt remember anyones number, but there was a poster full of bailbondsmens numbers so i just stood there dialing every number on the wall. many of them told me there was a big chance that they couldn't get me out since it was so late at night. i asked them what time it was and they told me 3:30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like FUCK ME!!!!! that meant i was in that solitary confinement for 11 fucken hours!!!!! 11 hours!!!!!!!!!!

at that point i was thinking to myself how my car accident trained my mind and soul for this event. at the hospital i felt mentally and physically helpless, so my brain focused on blocking out all the pain and helplessness feeling. now here i am in jail and i'm thinking that if it wasn't for that hospital stay i probably would have killed myself. honestly, i would rather spend another month in the hospital rather than to relive this 11 hours of jail solitude. anyways, the bailbondsman told me she was going to call me back in 15 minutes. thats when an officer came to the room and told me to exit.

now begins the the 2nd part. i was once again united back w/the other inmates that i came with and we were all handcuffed to each other. we then got into 2 holding vans. this was a BT. sitting here in the back of the van at 4am with a bunch of other low lifes. we were then transported to Elmwood Correctional Facility AKA "THE FARM." as the vans drove up, i felt like i was living shawshank redemption.

once there, we all moved to this room where we were told to strip down to our bare ass. felt disgusting standing naked to all these other naked inmates. we then got our jail clothes: bright orange pants and slippers, green socks, underwear, and t-shirt, and then a jean jacket. these clothes were nasty!!! they had been recycled for who knows how long. worn by elmwood inmates from the last decade. so these bbanse they give u are so nasty. holes, totally worn out...so i wanted to wear my boxers underneath but the fucken cops denied me!

we were then assigned barracks and got to eat some breakfast. when i walked into the mess hall i saw mostly vatos locos and whites, including straight out jailhouse faggots -all whom were black. i saw a group of viets eating together and i was tempted to sit next to them. asians were definitely the minority. i ended up sitting next some vato. breakfast was a slice of bologna, tiny ass bowl of raisin bran (same ones i got in hospital), and a cinnamon roll. it literally took me 2 minutes to finish everything cuz i was fricken starving. after breakfast i went back to my barrack.

i tried to fall asleep but my barrack mates were snoring like a mofo. plus it reaked like shit and my cot was uncomfortable as hell. so i just laid there thinking to myself...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? freedom felt like a thing of the past...

then at around 7am or so i heard someone yell "PARK"...i got outta bed and it was Victor (the barrack trusty) and he told me i had a ortho appointment at 8am. on my way to the ortho i was seriously being mad dogged by all these vatos and viets. i didnt want to look like a biatch fearing butt rape so i just gave hard looks back without making direct eye contact. the good thing was they didnt know why i was there, so shit i might as well play along as if i'm fucken pyscho.

when i reached the front office, an officer had told me i was being released. i had no idea if it was because the bailbondsman i had called earlier worked some magic or they realized i was being unjustly incarcerated for a 1st time DUI. well when i walked out i saw YAO standing in the waiting room. i've never been so happy to see his ugly face in my life!!

we stopped by mcdonalds for some breakfast and then he took me home. i honestly thought yao was going to cancel on the LA trip but to my surprise he said get ready by noon. i was totally happy but at the same time mentally drained and tortured.

yao and i left san ho at around 2PM. we had a mission: FUCK THE LAST 24 HOURS AND SPLURGE ON GOOD OLD LA FUN!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

picked up mail from inverito. i got a copy of my arrest warrant. i'll probably self-surrender at the sheriff's office when i get back from LA. what if i get arrested at cindys club?! that would be horrible. also got letter from DMV. stuff regarding license suspension.

aferward got my haircut w/yao. stopped by Big5 sale and bought sleeping bag ($19) for camping. tomorrow is fran's h.s. graduation ceremony.
then on friday, we are off to LA!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

3 days and counting...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

cindys club....5 days and counting...

Monday, June 02, 2003

watta gluttenous weekend!

lets see, yule arrived in SF on wednesday. yao and i picked him up and we checked into palace hotel. pretty phat and luxurious. yule wanted indian food so we went to go eat at New Delhi. ordered too much chicken dishes. afterwards we bought ice cream and went back to hotel. yule fell asleep watching drunken master.

thursday i bought a wallet at macys and crutched around union square. ended up eating lunch at quizno's...very dissapointing sandwich tho. once yule finished work, we met up with yao, fatty, vicki and watched game at scores in san mateo. kerr, the specialist, fucken went crazy and hit four consecutive 3's. drank odouls and ate a shitload of food there....appetizer, dinner, and dessert. went back to fatty's pad and watched the ring. entertaining movie i guess. came back to hotel, talked and then crashed. yule was laying some powerful farts...he blamed it on indian food.

friday we had to check out. i met with yule for lunch and we ate falafels at Alibabas. pretty grubbing...monster portions. i then had a couple hours to kill so i crutched around chinatown. i was fricken dying after awhile so i headed back down the hill to wait for yule. i bought some chocolate milk chug and sat at the table outside the vc sandwich shop. yule and i then went to metreon and watched italian job. charlize was fricken hot like always, but i thought the movie was way too predicatable. after the movie we walked to starbucks and waited for yao to pick us up. we then checked into marriot in san mateo. this flip chick working there was laughing at everything. she really thought yule and yao were funny when they were baggin on my handicapped ass. friday night we went to safeway and bought junkfood. yule and i finished this monster serving of spinach dip. watched tv and crashed. see the pattern here?

saturday was a bit more active. we woke up and ate the complimentary breakfast: fruit, cereal, oatmeal. no sausage patties like the other marriott in LA. we weren't even hungry but we just ate it cuz it was free. after that we watched the ucla girls softball team in the national title game. just looked at the bruins homepage and looks like they won 1-0 in extra innings. woo-hoo bruins! some cuties on both teams. after that i watched yule play ball with fatty, vicki, and yao. afterwards we had a fat bbq. ate home made hamburgars, apple chicken and cajun sausages, and of course...more spinach dip! we just vegged out and yule fell asleep again watching boondock saints.

sunday we woke up and ate dimsum. yao and vicki were all getting pissed off cuz the food carts weren't coming. then had coldstone icecream....vanilla bean w/grahm crackers and kitkat...pretty deelish. we then went back to fats, played some streetball2 and then dropped off yule at sfo. was gonna feel sad so i decided to kick it with fatty and amy. we wanted to watch nemo but it was sold out...burn. ended up watching matrix again...i fricken fell asleep everytime there was no fighting. ate shitload of popcorn. and then guess what we do after movie? thats fucken right, why break the cycle...more eating! i got chipotle, fatty and amy got more chinese food. vicki picked me up and took me home.

2 other things i remember from weekend that doesnt have anything to do w/food:

1) yao recieves chaffeur of the month reward. i think he clocked 200+ miles just picking our asses up and driving us around!

2) lydia wants yules nutz. she called minimum 5 times per day for the last 5 consecutive days. it was shocking...

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

JR came up to visit for memorial day weekend. saturday i watched JR hit golf balls. then we went to go see matrix reloaded. wasn't very impressed even after i lowered my expectations. went to my house, ate gom-tang, and played PS2 with Al. we were planning to go out but we ended up just chilling in my room. it was pretty funny/sad. 2 dudes laying on my bed staring at the ceiling on a saturday night. next day we met up with daniella and ate mcdonald's drive thru. we then went to go fish at berkeley pier. didn't catch anything but a dead crab. afterwards we met up with francine and fams to go her naval academy dinner. lot of fricken tradition in the navy. jr and i were thinking we would probably get kicked out of the academy after a week. i doubt substance abuse and degenerative gambling are allowed over there in anapolis. we then had to drive some of fran's friends back to san ho so we were really late going to the city. we were supposed to meet yao at this asian party but the line was too fat so we ended up going to nudie bar. totally whacked. ended up going back home, bought some jack in the crack on the way. i realized that i can't have fun sober. it was a sad realization. i would just watch JR having fun and i realized i needed to be drunk to share the joy. next day was chill. met up with yao and had dimsum and boba.

2 more JR stories to add to my collection:

1) daniel had sprouts in his sandwhich and JR called them "grass."
2) jr was ordering at jack in the crack and he said: "let me get those salsas in the dixie cups please." i told jr that dixie cups are the paper cups u get for drinking water but he argued that the plastic containers are also considered to be in the dixie cup family. whatever makes u happy jr...

Thursday, May 22, 2003

i got 2 hospital bills in the mail. one was for $101,007 the other for $32,337!!! luckily the 1st one was mostly covered by insurance. the 2nd one was not for some fucked up reason. gonna fight it fosheezees. either way i'm not gonna pay that shit. also got a chp bill for $840. that i can do monthly payments so its not as bad. then i have to worry about the DUI fees too....another BT...

i'm 26 years old and my financial situation seems to be getting worse and worse. it was actually stabilizing for the 1st time and then i got into this accident. CRUCIAL OBSERVATION: irresponsible lifestyle leads to very severe consequences. sounds very obvious, but dammit, how many times do we engage in activities when we know it can jack us? i realize that u always gotta keep yourself in check...ALWAYS. anytime u let your guard down, life can take a nasty turn and kick u right in the ass.

well gotta big doctors appointment tomorrow morning. i'm meeting Dr. Comstock, the guy who performed the surgery when i was 1st admitted into the trauma ward. i was thinking about bringing him some chocolates or something and then i realized he's charging me bank so why even bother. either way i have a lot of questions to ask him and he's pretty eager to see how i'm recovering. yao is gonna take me. i'm gonna try to bum a ride off him to the mall afterwards. i need to get a casual belt.

well, all this free time really makes me want a pet. yule's jindo had pups so he's offering one of them to me. its a big responsibility so i need to be wise in my decision. if i decide to keep, i already have a name for it tho. i think i'll call him "Donnie" (as in brasco).

the weather here in bay area is awesome right now. really feels like summertime. i've been chillin on the porch a lot these days cuz the weather is so damn nice. i'm looking forward to going to beach...even tho i cant really do anything while i'm there. it would be good just to sit on the sand, get some sun, and maybe even sneak in a corona. thats why i cant wait for the camping trip coming up. hopefully more yujs come tho. i'm looking forward to catching fish for our meals! totally grubbin dude.

alright, enuff blabbering.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

well i've been trying to go to church every sunday. this church i go to is called GrX (great exchange). i know, it sounds like a nightclub or something, but its a great church. anyways, i came back from a small group meeting tonight. it was the 1st i've attended. everyone was hella cool to me and i felt very welcome. one of the dudes there picked me up from home, i felt kinda bad cuz i know there was hella traffic on the way here.
so when we got outta the car this girl kept asking me what happened to me??? i was like...uh...do i know u?? anyways she totally thought i was someone else but i was kind of attracted to her in some wierd way. right off the bat we started conversing and i felt so comfortable talking to her. very interesting i thought to myself...

small group was actually a lot more chill than i had expected. we just talked half the time and then we ate chinese food, sang songs, played some ice breakers, then did some bible study. all i can say is that everyone in that small group is hella smart! they are all engineers. one guy was totally cracking me up. he was chinese but he grew up in australia so he had this major aussie accent. it was hilarious everytime he spoke. anyways about this girl i met. she's hella smart...graduated from MIT in chemical engineering!!! it seems that i've been attracted to brains lately.

then something pretty wierd happened to me. this other girl was taking me home and she started telling me how she made eye contact with me at church one time. she was saying that she always notices new people. anyways, she told me when she was praying that my face came into her mind. she was saying i was blessed or something!! so she said she was in shock when i 1st walked in the door today cuz she had seen me in her vision. it was a good thing i guess but in reality i was little freaked out when she was tellin me this. all i could say is: "wow, thats nuts."

and then when i got home i got an email from the MIT girl. it was a good email. well, i'm definitely happy that i decided to go to small group today. meeting new good people is always a great thing.

well jr is coming this saturday i have no idea what we're gonna do. maybe we;ll go fish for stripers and halibut at berkeley pier or something. then sunday is fran's naval academy dinner. then next week yule is coming and by then yao ming will be laid off, so it should be pretty fun. also, its my favorite twins birthdays today...happy bday jenn and jess!!

Friday, May 09, 2003

Wow….so much has happened since the last time I wrote on this damn thing. Most recently was my auto accident. It was a life-changing event. My stoopid ass was drinking and driving like always but this time I wasn’t so lucky. It was definitely a wake up call. I don’t remember anything about the accident, but the doctors told me that was normal. The brain’s natural defense mechanism against traumatic experiences is to forget them. It’s a form of protective amnesia. According to the CHP report, I was driving 80-100 mph when I lost control of my car, jumped the center curb and hit a tree dead on. The impact alone could have easily killed me. I owe my life to all the rescue workers that were there on the scene. They had to use the jaws of life to get me out of the car for I was trapped by the dashboard. I had lost a lot of blood. My left femur (the strongest and largest bone in the human body) had snapped and popped out of my leg. My left knee was also smashed. I also dislocated my right big toe, had some fractured bones in the R foot, damaged my knee ligaments, and had a lacerated liver. All in all, I was one lucky son of a biatch. But deep down, I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. We all know what kind of shit luck I have, so its safe to say it wasn’t luck that saved me. At any rate, I woke up in the trauma unit of the hospital not knowing where I was. I couldn’t talk because of all the tubes in my mouth. It was a scary moment to say the least. I stayed in the hospital for around 3 weeks. I would’ve been there longer but my insurance was causing problems. My hospital stay was miserable except for when friends would visit. Aside from the physical pain, I couldn’t sleep at all. Plus my bowel movements were all jacked up. I also experienced the most painful thing ever in my life when they removed the pee-tube. Seriously, just thinking about it causes me pain. The time in the hospital was definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. I remember when I first was put in a wheelchair and was able to leave the room for the very 1st time. Shit it was actually the 1st time out of my bed in 2 weeks. I strolled around the hospital hallway in such excitement and then all of a sudden I just began to cry. I’m talking emotional breakdown crying. They were tears of joy I guess. For the 1st time realizing what could have happened to me and how grateful I felt for being alive. It was a defining moment…

Well, I can go on and on about the accident and hospital but I would rather not. All I know is that I need to slow down and take care of myself. I am totally thankful for all the great support I received from friends and family. But most importantly, I feel God gave me a 2nd chance at life. For now I am just gonna try to get better and enjoy what life has to offer…

Thursday, January 02, 2003

went to avaron for new years party. pretty damn whacked in terms of girls. it was like a 5-1 guy to girl ratio. i did hook-up with this cute chick tho. i actually just got off the phone with her right now. we talked for more than an hour. shes originally from LA, which explains why she was better looking than everyone else in the club. funny thing is, shes a Java engineer at Sun!! contrary to popular belief, this 'lil engineer was pretty damn cute. anyways, we're planning to have dinner together in the city this weekend. wow...2003 is so far so good!! but that will all change when i walk into work tomorrow morning for the 1st time this week...

all i did today was watch food network. there was a fricken Iron Chef marathon today...i kid u not. it was actually showing all the major upsets that ever happened in Kitchen Stadium. i picked up a few tricks today, so i decided to test them out for dinner. my roomate had some left-over unagi, so i made this unagi tempura. i dont wanna brag, but it was quite remarkable! i even made a homemade sauce to go with it...it was a concoction of mustard, horseradish, teriyaki sauce, olive oil, with some sesame oil for flavor. it was my 1st time making tempura, but the crust came out pretty tasty.

well, i had duk gook in the morning with the family. dammit, i cant believe i gotta work tomorrow. i should have just taken the whole week off....but since i have zero vacation days left...NEVERMIND!

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

dude, i havent been doing crap these past few days. all i do is eat, watch tv, and sleep (not in this order). its already new years eve and i have ZERO plans...totally whacked. i actually went to will's pad the other night and slept over. they had this house party...everyone got jacked. i didnt want to come empty handed so i jacked a bottle of remy from home. i know my dad is gonna look for it and get hella pissed. he'll ask me: "did u see my remy??" i will have to answer: "no.." (actually its in my stomach!). there was hella drama toward the end of the night. there was this group of thugs there and they got into shit with this one dude. then this girl got into a fight with this dude cuz he called her a biatch and made her cry. then this other girl wanted to brawl with this other chick. it was madness...but honestly, i dont remember much so its all good.

i went to go eat pho in the morning but the place didnt have spring rolls. i was pretty pissed off about this. the rest of the day we just lounged around at will's house. his mom is a cook, so he had all this grubbin food at his pad. i ate lamb chops, vegetables, potatoes, split pea soup, and apple pie...ALL HOME MADE TOO! we were so bored at night that we went out and bought Cranium (boardgame). pretty damn fun. it was sad tho cuz i made biggest spelling mistake of my life in front of people i barely know. they think i'm hella stupid now. i had to spell "Pharaoh" out load without getting it wrong the first time. i was so over-confident i quickly spelled F-A-R-R-O-W. the most pathetic thing was that i didnt realize i spelled it wrong until everyone was dying. for some reason i was thinking of sparrow, the bird. so retarded of me...

jr called me tonight when he was at manna with a grip of people. it sounded like hella fun. he fricken always calls me when he's out partying to make me jealous. sad thing is, it totally works!

i feel disgusting right now. i feel so unhealthy. all i did yesterday was eat and watch tv. i want to play basketball but its raining like hell over here. yao bought me these bomb ass nikes from nike outlet the other day. the new vince carters only costed $30 bucks!! anyways, they are hella tight on me so i think i need to stretch them out.

well, only 20 more hours till the new year! crap, what am i gonna do???

Thursday, December 26, 2002

the past weekend was awesome. my flight to LA was a little bit delayed so yule had to wait for me. it was cool tho cuz i got to sit next to mike on the plane. he was on his way to china for vacation. once in LA, yule drove me to intercrew to meet up with koala. everyone met up with us there. we totally got jacked...or at least i did. we even went to the noraebang next door afterwards, where yule dropped my head on the iron table. i dont remember much after intercrew...but the next day my head hurt like hell. saturday we shopped for jen's wedding gift. we bought her the fish spoons that i liked and also some dishware. later that night we went to sagas. JR, yule, koala, and me were all pumped up cuz that was the 1st time we were partying together in awhile. it brought back many memories of college. gga-nee-nay-ah james + charlie met up with us there. james brought out some of Diem's friends. they had NICE boobies...actually, they were fricken hot. every guy in the club wanted them (as well as every guy at our table). but they ended up getting into some drama and left a little early. oh well...next time i come down to LA, i'll convince james to bring them out again. they were so hot that when yule, koala, and me got back to our hotel room, we were calling all these strippers. i seriously called over ten places, and none of them called us back...watta burn. but we were all broke anyway, so it didnt matter.

sunday morning was jen's wedding at the hyatt in century city. i was really excited but felt totally bloated due to all the heavy drinking the night before. right when i got there, i saw jimmy. he gave me this plastic bag...WOOHOO!!...inside was #9 Seol Ki-Hyun jersey!! he had ordered it long ago right after worldcup, but Nike was totally lagging. anyways, i was so happy when he gave it me...watta perfect way to start an already beautiful afternoon. u rock jimmy!!

the wedding itself went very smoothly. jen was looking absolutely gorgeous!! but i always think she looks gorgeous so thats not saying much coming from me. the bridesmaids were hayellen, rose, sara and the maid of honor was jess. they all wore red dresses...perfect color since it was christmas time. everyone looked very good! a cute moment was when jen was putting the ring on jame's right hand and then the reverend whispered "other hand." after the wedding ceremony, we all went outside to take pictures. i took some prom pictures with jimmy and then tried to squeeze in a couple with the new bride and groom.

reception was totally fun -good food and company, open bar, awesome desert, and some interesting games. there was no part of the wedding that lagged. at my friends wedding in september, both parents of each side had this MONSTER speech prepared...shit was so damn long and everyone was starving. i seriously was gonna eat my napkin cuz i was so hungry.

the best part of the reception for me was the money dance with jen. i was pretty drunk by that point, but all i remember was i was so damn happy to be dancing with her. wish the MC extended my dance time! overall, it was the funnest wedding i've been too. but more than that, it was special because it was one of my close friends. it just makes u think who's next out of your circle of friends to tie the knot. i guess its gonna be kathy and kiwon. for sure the girls are all gonna get hitched before the dudes. crap, none of us even have girlfriends right now...

the after party was at calimar in beverly hills. honestly i had so much fun there...except for one thing...i just cant seem to remember 76% of the night. well, i think everyone got pretty rocked. especially jr, christina, lisa, and myself. simply put, we were wasted. i had a 7:30am flight the next morning, but i ended up missing the damn thing. i cant believe i actually thought i would wake up early on monday and make the flight...who the hell was i kidding?! when i woke up monday morning, i didnt even know where i was. i didnt even know who was sleeping next to me....turns out it was koala and chris. we had all crashed at chris' pad in torrance. it was funny cuz lisa and jr also stopped by later in the day. at one point we were all asking each other for details about the night before...SAD THING was everyone in that room was the most faded people at calimar!!!!

our basic conversation that afternoon consisted of these phrases:

-"dude, do u remember doing this...?"


-"what happened after this...?"

-"i dunno."

so sad, but no one could answer anyone's questions...we were all just CLUELESS. that day totally reminded me of Club California when all the boys were living there during the summer.

later that night, we helped jess move into her new pad in brentwood. her new pad was fricken huge for a one bedroom. jimmy was pretty happy to see us cuz if we didnt come he would have to do everything by himself. the funniest part was when we were moving jess' bed and sofa. it was total ghetto college styles! actually i still move my shit like that. basically we would put these large ass furnitures on top of jess' camry, while jimmy, koala, and me would hold on for dear life. who needs rope? obviousry we didnt!! meanwhile, chris would follow from behind with her car and just laugh at us.

i ended up sleeping at koala's house that night and ebot took me to the airport the next morning. i arrived back in san ho at around noon on christmas eve.

i got some cool gifts for christmas this year:

wallet, soccer jersey, chocolate, pajama pants, and some cookbooks.

new years is coming up...i wonder what i'm gonna do!? i wanna go to LA, but maybe i should just stay here. i guess it depends on what everyones planning. i prefer to do something chill tho...nothing too crazy or on a large scale.

wow...its gonna be 2003...lets hope for a great year!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

i went to blockbuster this morning to return a DVD i had purchased as a gift. the girl working there was so dense. she didn't know how to do anything. basically i just stood there waiting for her to figure out what to do for customer returns. finally she asks a fellow employee for help. she starts filling out this pink slip and then asks the guy how she's supposed to fill out my account number since i bought the DVD without using my blockbuster card. her co-worker was visibly just as annoyed as I was. he tells her to just put "non-member" on the account number section of the slip. so i actually look down at what she writes......OH MY...

let me just say this...i know a lotta stoopid people in this world, and i know for a fact they know how to spell "non-member."

this is what i saw this morning that made me grateful for receiving an elementary education:

"none membore"

all i could do was shake my head...

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

dudes, i feel really lonely these days. its definitely the bad weather combined with the holiday seasons. this is the perfect time to stay indoors and rejoice with that "special someone." well its been another damn year since i been wishing for the special someone...and Santa dont give a crap about me. i must've been a naughty boy.

well, its jen's wedding this weekend. pretty damn excited. i know i'm gonna get all sentimental at the wedding...i'll just say its allergies. i was watching Wild On Thailand yesterday...the new host (Cindy Taylor) is fricken hot. i was sad that Brooke left the show, but i'm starting to like Cindy now, so its all good. She's got a cute little face, very petite body. actually her body is very asian-like. not your typical big breasted white chick. next episode: Wild On Shanghai. i wonder if they are ever gonna go to Korea...Wild On 588!

i was actually supposed to be on the show in October. The E! crew was filming at this party i went to in SF awhile back. Brooke didnt show up, which was the only reason i went out in the first place...i even got all decked out too. but we did see the camera crew and i basically followed them around the club to be in every shot. DAMN...maybe thats why they didnt air the episode. they're like, "who is that drunk bastard in every shot?" according to kyong, i was stripping in front of the camera while i was freaking her on the stage (which i have no recollection of). oh well, there goes my 30 seconds of fame.

i think i'm gonna leave work early.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

i must stop drinking on Wednesdays. it jacks my schedule up for rest of the week. check it out: i just read something in today's newspaper that really disturbs me. this bay area guy won the Super Lotto and the Fantasy 5 game ALL ON THE SAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
renowned Stanford statistics professor Tom Cover was quoted saying, "This is just amazing, astronomical." jeffrey park in response to the professor was quoted saying, "NO SHIT SHERLOCK."

the odds of this happening are 24 trillion to 1. yes...24,000,000,000,000 to 1. dude, i've been dreaming about this kind of event for years...my whole life actually. ok, i've been inspired to buy lotto tickets. before i was pretty dedicated in terms of buying tickets on a regular basis. but i decided i donated enuff money into the california school systems so i quit. actually it was because i never won SHIT. one of the most pathetic things i've ever done in my life involves the lotto. it was back in college when i "thought" i had hit rock bottom. i was super depressed so i called Citibank and asked for a credit line increase. to my amazement, they gave me a $700 increase. i decided to treat myself to a nice 7-11 shopping spree. back then i didn't even have a car so i walked to the 7-11 on Santa Monica near New Japan. this is when i lived at Butler apartments (aka -hell on earth). anyways, i was buying some cigs and food when i asked the 7-11 guy if you could buy lotto tix with a credit card. unfortunately he answered, "yes." well i dunno what got into me, but i decided to charge $350 worth of scratchers. i remember thinking, dude i gotta win something. walking back home with the roll actually made me feel good. i felt as if i was carrying $50,000. so for the next couple hours i sat on my futon scratching away and guess what??? THATS RIGHT!!
NOOOOOTHING (pat myself on the back)!! i was so pissed i went back to the 7-11 and bought another $350 worth of scratchers. the dude there was totally advising me not to...i remember thinking to myself that this guy actually cared and felt sorry for me. well stoopid me completed the transaction. this time i ran home. and once again...CRAP...a few $2 and a shitload of get one free scratchers. this was the closest i ever came to suicide.

well, i give one more loser gambling story before i end this blog. i was in the computer labs at powell library trying to write an essay. obviousry i was suffering from major writers block so i started surfing on the web. i "miraculously" came to this online gambling site. hey, why not give it a try. i punch in my CC info and began a little game of blackjack. i was betting $20 bucks a hand at first. basically u create an account and withdraw credit from your CC. if you win, your account gets credited and then you have the option of cashing out (they send you a check in the mail). it was an offshore site, so it seemed pretty legit. so here i was gambling away in the library, while others next to me were studiously typing or researching for exam papers. well, i remember wanting to play more and then i get the dreaded, but very common for me message: "Insufficient Funds in Your Account." once again i had maxed out my CC for gambling purposes. people next to me thought i was psycho cuz i kept cussing to myself every time i lost a hand. all of a sudden i thought to myself, "how stoopid is this site?" i am trusting my money on a lame-ass computer program that some greedy engineer made, which ultimately will not let users win. wait, this site is not stoopid...I AM!!!!!!!!!!

Lesson learned that one fine day:

The library is a place to study, not to gamble.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

work was a killer today. there were some miscommunication issues and i sensed from all my co-workers that it was my fault. oh well, rather than pointing fingers its better to move forward as a team. i guess being a manager means taking more responsibility and thus taking more blame. i'm hoping for the best for my company, but everyday that goes by I ask myself: "am i just wasting time?" maybe i should be doing different things...exploring new fields of interest. i've always wanted my own business and i guess that's why Project Apex seemed like such a great idea. it still is actually. recently we've been all lagging but the group met up and talked things over. we just needed some motivation. i'm thinking of starting a summer camp for korean kids. kind of like Camp Conifer in LA. i was a counselor back in 96 and it was one of the funnest things i've ever done. anyways i guess i like being around kids. more on this as it comes...

two other things that i've been thinking about are cooking school and coast guard reserve. my favorite things to watch on TV are Food Network, ESPN, and Wild on E (too bad Brooke Burke left the show). i love watching people cook and i enjoy cooking. does this mean i should be a cook?? i dunno. the reason why i think cooking is so gnarly and challenging is that it allows a person to be truly creative. there are no boundaries when it comes to cooking. after all, food is a media and the plate is the canvas. ultimately i would want to become a famous restaurateur like Morimoto from Iron Chef or Nobu Matsuhisa. the problem is i'm not sure if cooking is really my passion. dammit, i'm 26 years old and i'm still absolutely clueless on what i want to do with my life. people keep saying that its still early, but i just dont want to feel like i'm wasting my time now. i also looked into joining the coast guard reserve. from what i recall, its only a couple of weekends a month. plus i've always loved being around the ocean and i think coast guard life would bring some needed excitement into my world. ok enuff on this topic. one of my new years resolutions will be to decide on this matter.

my other tentative new years resolution:

1. improve health (quit smoking, cut-down on drinking)
2. improve financial situation (not sure how i'm gonna do this)
3. find a church i like and start going every sunday

oh i stopped by home-home today. my lil sis got into the US Naval Academy! pretty crazy stuff...i'm very proud of her. she also gave me her senior portrait pics. interestingly, my step mom wants me to take piano and singing classes with her. i remember taking piano lessons when i was a young fatboy. i hated it, but the only reason i continued was because i had this fat crush on the teacher. anywayz, the point is i need to do something interesting...i wish i had a Jerry McGuire in my life right about now...someone that will help me find my "Quan."

"The difference between coach and first class used to be a better meal, now it's a better life."

Monday, December 09, 2002

Another weekend has passed and gone. friday night was spent at Dave and Busters. It was JR, me, and these 2 VC's. Afterwards we ended up going back to one of the VC girl's pads. At one point, it seemed like we were gonna end up crashing there, but we decided to leave in the morning. what happened was that one of the VC girls called out her other friends. obviousry i was expecting 5 hoochie girls to come over, but instead it was a bunch of VC hood rats. i think at that point we gained consciousness and decided to get the hell outta dodge. we were so fricken hungry on the drive back we stopped to get some breakfast burritos from Carls Jr. got back to my pad at like 10am Saturday morning. yes thats right...10am. watta burn! JR crashed right away, but i was still starving so i ate some mini corn dogs before i went to sleep. wow. as you can see by my nutritional diet, i'm a very big health nut.

once we woke up, we decided to drive up to the city to meet NYC. she was cool to hang out with. we ended up having a feast at Fisherman's Wharf...2 dozen oysters, crab, ahi-tuna, popcorn shrimp, and a few coronas. can u say: FOOD COMA? later in the night we met up with Takao and Dru at Shanghai 1930's. there was some Azn party going on there. i was actually super tired and too partied-out in the beginning, but then the Red Bull Vodkas started to kick in and i was all good. we were all so jacked by the end of the night that JR and I ended up crashing in NYC's hotel room. we probly drank 20 gallons of sink water during our short stay there...not very tasty. but damn...after any heavy night of drinking, H20 in the morning is very crucial.

sunday morning was a lot more chill. we drove back down to san ho and had dim sum in cupertino. i started to think again that those people who push the dim sum carts work off commission. they are so damn aggressive with the dishes! so my theory is that depending on seniority, the workers are assigned to different levels of cart status. veteran dim sum employees will get 1st dibs on the more desired carts (shu-meis, buns, desserts). rookies will get stuck with the unfavorable leftover carts. i know this system goes against their communist principles...but hey, this is america right?? oh my gosh...i wish i had my camera! u should've seen jr's face after we ate. he looked like CRAP. 100% pure crap. he ended up grabbing some plastic bags from the dim sum restaurant for the car ride home. i almost crashed driving cuz the whole time i was laughing at JR bent over in the front seat ready to yak his life away. i swear he was holding onto the plastic bag with both hands so tightly u could see his hands turning white. his eyes were closed, mouth opened, and his breathing very irregular. such a weaksauce. well i guess the weekend was just catching up to him.

dude, i cant wait...Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is coming out next week. my friend jamie is coming back from chicago too. then on the weekend i'll be in LA for jen's wedding. the week after is Christmas! its an action packed month once again.

things i want for Christmas:

1. hot girlfriend
2. winning lotto numbers

chances of me getting what i want for Christmas:

0.1% (hey never lose hope...)

Thursday, December 05, 2002

wow...it's been a long time since i've last blogged. much has passed since then but i'll give you the short version for your convenience. better yet, i'll give you the full version but it'll seem short due to my lack of memory.

LA TRIP: i drove down to LALA land. as i was driving down, the plastic casing in my tirewell blew apart. it was actually a scary experience considering i was cruising well over 100 MPH. the incident reminded me of the time i was driving the 1976 Benz on 880. that seriously was the most pathetic day of my life (and i've had many of those). i was in a super rush trying to get to Joe's pad in Berkeley...definitely guilty of reckless driving that night. anyways I was taking that piece of crap to the limit when all of a sudden the front tire EXPLODED. By miracle of God, I gained control of the vehicle and pulled over to the side. at the time, i seriously thought i was gonna die. luckily they were no casualties, except for the tire. even sadder was the drive home from joes. the poor mercedes engine decides to die. damn, me and my car troubles! ok, back to LA. LA was fun. had dinner with jess, jimmy, kathy, patty and hayeon. we had LAWRYS...YUM! their creamed corn is to die for. afterwards i met up with the boyz and we went to this club called AD. pretty happening i must say...but i got no lovin.
saturday i went to Smokeout (www.smokeoutfestival.com)...pretty damn crazy. actually helped out at the Drunknmunky (www.drunknmunky.com) booth...got some free shit so it was all good. it was funny cuz their booth was right next to Chong's (from Cheech and Chong) booth. that guy was pretty old but he was gettin MAD love from all the ladies. girls were paying cash to take polaroids with him. i can see why tho...he's like an american icon to bud smokers around the world. well after Smokeout, I met up with all the UCLA peeps at Saga. damn i love that place. don't really remember much...was too busy getting my fade on to notice anything else that was going on inside the club. oh i do remember jacking crown special from the table next to us. pretty funny. we thought the table next to us left so i started pouring shots to random people. i left for the bathroom, came back to our section of the club and decided to sit down at the newly annexed table. i started eating the fruit anjoo when all of a sudden i realize that the people sitting at the table were not my friends. damn, the people came back! they were fobs and just sat their looking at me like a freak. i apologized and walked back to our "real" table. anyways the sad part was they started blaming this other guy (keith) for jacking the drinks. The following Sunday I had dimsum with the twins and sunny whang. dimsum w/the twins seems to be an ongoing tradition everytime i go down. oh but guess who i saw at the dimsum restaruant?? YUEN WO PING!! he's the fight choreographer for Matrix. he was hella famous before that doing all kinds of big HK action films. anyways this guys like a cult hero for many. i saw him walking into the dimsum place with this other chinese dude. they were all wearing Matrix 2 caps...looking back i should've taken a pic with them. anyways i left LA hella late on sunday night and i got back home around 1am. i was seriously zoning out the whole way up and one of my headlights went out making the night drive 10X worse.


went to Tahoe with my roomies. takao's pops owns this fatty condo at the Tahoe Mariott. that shit was plush. normally it costs $600 a night. we got there in a flash...we all know how takao drives. he was hitting those turns off Highway 50 better than Jeff Gordon could do in his dreams. once we got to tahoe, Tak/Masao/Me went to Club Nero in Caesars. we saw this HOT stripper dancing in one of the cages and was pretty muched glued to her at all times. we looked like a bunch of horny asians (which we are i guess). anyways, i didnt touch one cocktail at the club. NOT!!!! who am i kidding? u guys already know by now that i have a drinking problem...so as u can imagine i left that place barely standing on my own 2 feet. sad thing was i had the stamina to play a few games of blackjack before we went back to the condo. i might have actually won too...
anyways, gambling is one of my vices. i think i've learned my lesson though...(fingers crossed). whatever u do, dont ask my roomie Tae how well he did at the tables. that guy hit rock bottom on this trip. lets just say hes been packing turkey sandwich lunches everyday to work since then. i feel for the dude...been there many times in my life. oh scary part of the tahoe trip was that tony and i didnt even sleep when we got back to the condo. we stayed up all night and went snowboarding in the morning. by that time i was feeling like CRAP so i cut snowboarding short to get some sleep. it hasnt snowed since the bachelor's party, but the snow way at the top of Heavenly was decent. overall, the trip was fun and i'm down to go again.


jr is coming to the bay area tomorrow. i gotta pick his ass up at 10pm. he initially came to meet this girl he was seeing from NYC. she's planning on moving out here so she's here for the weekend. anyways they broke up, but since his tix are non-refundable he decided to still come up. we'll see what happens. i am forseeing another weekend of decadence....

I need to quit drinking NOW...this irresponsible lifestyle is jacking my body.

Monday, November 18, 2002

its just another manic monday...
wow what a alcohol-dependent weekend! ok lets see, friday night i had to go pick up this VC girl (my date to Mark's wedding). i didnt want us to be all bloated and half drunk the next day so we decided to keep it a chill night and went for a flick. she was kinda sick so i bought her a ColdBuster Jamba Juice. cranberry craze for myself. i love them juices man. very crucial for one's health. anyways i bought 11:30pm tix to the 8 Mile when all of a sudden i get a call from joe. he tells me that they are finished with wedding rehearsals and that he wants to meet up at the Voodoo Lounge in san ho. it was technically mark's final day as a single man so i decided to screw the movie. when i got to the club the bouncer told me that i couldnt wear my c-martin jersey inside the club. watta assnut. i was totally bummed cuz i had to fold my jersey into this tiny square so it would fit into the girl's purse.

anyways club was ok. drank a few too many long islands though. there goes my no-drinking-tonight rule. afterwards joe and j came with us to eat at Asian Garden. pretty grubbin food. they ordered the usual pho and i shared this special kind of pho with the girl. it tasted like udon noodles, but i could be wrong since i was so jacked. she was feeding me with her spoon and it totally slipped my mind she had a cold. but no worries, especially when you have a couple long islands in your stomach that will incinerate any germs. it was funny cuz she was teaching me how to order egg rolls in viet. my accent was flawless, but the bastard waiter totally ignored me. its such an ugly hearing language but damn fun to learn.

the next morning, we got up early to go get my car fixed. finally got my damn headlights to work. they totally lagged though, so we didnt even get a chance to eat anything before the wedding. we even had to change in the garage bathroom. kinda funny cuz she was wearing this sexy dress and all the mechanics were drooling. i on the other hand forgot how to put on a tie so i had to ask this white dude who was looking around in the car store. its so easy, but for some reason i always forget. we got to the wedding a little late. it was at this nice cathedral in downtown san ho. yao, poon star, j, connie, and kyong thong all came late too. wedding went smoothly and the new groom and bride had this fatty limo waiting outside for them. it was one of them super super extended ones. now for the fun part--RECEPTION!!

the reception was at the san ho country club near the mountains. chill place. took some prom pix with my date and then i was off on the search for free alcohol. reception was fun. they had this cute little slideshow in the middle....very crucial. i must remember to do this at my own wedding. tony and janet did this too. its a time for the audience to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. after the wedding we had all planned to go clubbing but everyone was too tired to make the night life trek. so some of us ended up at Talkbox...the most whacked drinking establishment in all of san ho...but in the end, i had fun. actually started to get the boyfriend/girlfriend vibe from the girl i went with as the day progressed. i dunno, we'll see what happens...

ok now for the trippy part of the weekend...sunday night. i had lunch and met up with one of the Dave & Buster's party animals. we had to make a couple stops along the way. one of the girls wanted to buy flowers to give to her friend. man these VC girls know how to spend money. she bought this FAT bouquet of roses. i mean this thing was monster. she seriously wiped the flower shop out. it was at least several hundred dollars worth of plant. anyways, they invited me to go with them to their friends house for dinner. sure why not? the whole time i'm thinking we are gonna go to this apartment full of skanky VC girls. au contraire mon frere!! before we got to their friends place, we went to go pick up some vietnamnese food to bring over. well this mystery friend turns out to be this married chick with kids. i'm kinda trippin out cuz i have no idea what to expect. my plan now was simple: just eat and leave. anyways her husband looks like he just gotta outta jail. hes got all these crazy tats all over his body. i swear he had "Thug Life till I die" on his forehead. couldnt speak english that well. for some damn reason i start thinking about that one scene in Training Day when those vatos are about to jack ethan hawke and he doesnt even know it. anyways we sit down to eat what i thought was gonna be pho or vietnamnese bbq. instead its duck blood gel, goat stew, and rabbit. this shit looked fucken heinous. any normal person would have fainted. but, i was fucken hungry and i didnt want to be rude so i just ate with a smile. never experienced these flavors in my life. really wierd authentic viet style cooking. fearing the aftertaste, i was downing beers left and right. all of a sudden the dude pulls out this trance dvd. so here i am, sitting with 6 viets...eating on the floor straight vietnam styles...and watching a trance video. ok, this is getting really wierd. somewhere during the move, they start talking about raving and drugs. altho they are speakin in their native language, i can easily understand cuz i would hear "blue dolphin" (type of e) every other sentence. then the dude pulls out this baggie full of e's. i'm thinkin to myself, you gotta be kidding, its a fricken sunday...you're at home with your wife and kids...but, at this point i'm already faded off all the beers. i admit this guy was pretty welcoming to me so i didnt wanna give a bad impression and just leave. i decided to stay a tad bit longer. but then the alcohol runs out and since theres no way in hell i'm gonna drop, this would be the perfect time to bone out.

but obviousry they suggest to buy more alcohol at the store. my new best friend (gangsta dad) and i roll out to albertsons in his pimped up van. no kidding man. he had the whole audio system thing going. we were cruising in style. still thinkin to myself that this was some wierd shit though...whoever thought i would be chillin with this dude on a sunday night. we end up back at this guys house. i remember drinking some more and then the guy insists i sleep over at his house. i'm like dude, u been so cool to me, but honestly i shoudn't crash here. anyways, his reasoning was if i get DUI, he would feel hella guilty. it totally makes sense now...but last night i thought it was a bad excuse. so he takes me to this room where he tells to make myself comfortable. at this point my eyelids are actually getting heavy so i just pass out. so now its today (monday). i wake up at 8am at this dudes house, feel hella dirty and i'm totally starving and thirsty as hell. i look over my body to make sure i didnt get molested or anything and then debate whether or not i'm in the right condition to go to work. but as i'm laying there on the bed, just one thought keeps crossing my mind over and over again: "what the hell just happened?"

anyways, these people party like no tomorrow. yesterday, was by far the strangest sunday i've ever experienced. i felt like i was in the twilight zone...or ho chi minh city. back to the real world....

Friday, November 15, 2002

time to blog once again. having a monster day at work. so i met with my project group the other night and we've decided to change the content of our next workshop. rather than having an essay workshop for seniors, we've decided to focus on 9 and 10th graders. the main goal is to prepare them for college. giv'em a heads up on things and also encourage them to go the extra mile. sounds totally cliche, but dude its true. u realize all the geeks and nerds at your high school are like multi-millionares now. those people u made fun of then, are now your bosses at work. so my advice to the kids: hang out with the geeks...nerd pride baby! yesterday i just stayed home and did the laundry from hell. it was monstrous. took me like 3 hours to finish everything. also got a fade from my VC buddy who works at the salon. this guy is fucken hilarious. hes pretty old but i would always see him clubbing hella late at night. anyways, he's been cutting my hair since high school. best fades ever. half the time i dont know if he's speaking viet or english...thats how bad his accent is. so many times i've answered to what i thought was an english question. i would be like, "yah thats my roomate." he would look at me like i was some freak..."i didnt say anything to u...i'm speakin vietnamnese!" he told me this funny story last night while he was cutting my hair. every friday night, his friends invite him over to their house to eat dinner. but in reality their just tricking him to come so he can cut their hair before they go out. i was hella laughing. he told me last friday he cut hair for like 2 hours. i can imagine the situation...10 VC gangster boys chillin in the room all lined up waiting for their fades. dude, its friday!! TGIF. i had to call dunamis this morning to get his measurements for dress shirts. i had to buy one for the wedding tomorrow and i know he has the same neck size as me. 15 1/2 neck + 32/33 sleeves. got a great deal at ross: $14.99. dude, i love that place. i was kinda browsing through the men's section and found some great deals. they had tommy hilfiger jeans for $22. only walked out with the dress shirt though. i quit clothes shopping unless i go with a girl. everytime i buy an outfit i think is fashionable, everyone tells me its whacked the next day. dude, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. so what if my socks dont match. so what if i wear tube socks with slacks. comfort first is my motto. well, i'm starving right now...time for lunch. i think i am gonna go eat at the falafel drive-in. basically its this old drive in theatre converted into a falafel shop. the most grubbin falafels u'll ever eat!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I'm supposed to meet with Joe and Maria tonight to discuss our next project. Just a couple weeks ago we had our 1st workshop for high school kids looking to apply to UC's. We broke even which was cool. Kind of a low turnout, but hey, this is just the beginning. The most important thing was that we did it. So many times you hear people talk about all these good ideas, but they never execute. All talk and no action. Luckily the people I'm working with believe in our project. That makes a world of a difference. The next project is going to be centered around writing a good college essay for private universities. Since my writing skills suck jaj (as you can see), I will most likely concentrate my time into guerilla marketing tactics rather than actually helping kids write. Thus my goal is simple: get kids to come out! The more kids, the more money we can make. Sure its a feel good job to help a kid do something...but when it comes down to it...its all about the C-notes baby. this weekend is mark's wedding. joes bringin kyong thong, fattys bringin amy, yaos bringin poon star, and j is bringin connie. its gonna be a diverse group of people at our table...it should be fun. all i know is wedding = get faded. i love weddings...this is just my 4th wedding i've went to out of my group of friends. 1st it was sunny's (went w/jr, koala, yule)...2nd tony's (went with everybody)...3rd was ailsas (went with gulia). after mark's wedding, its jens wedding in december. lotta weddings man. this only means one thing: we are getting fricken old. i really wonder who's next. its a scary thing really. sometimes i just think about where the last 10 years have gone. i'll be trying to fall asleep and then all of a sudden I get these intense thoughts and fears about getting old. think about it...life revolves around these basic stages: 1. birth 2. graduation from whatever education 3. marriage 4. kids. 5. grandkids 6. eulogy time. well, we are floating around stage 3 somewhere, which means we are about halfway through the life cycle. dude, this is depressing shit so i'll stop. i guess the point of life is to make the best of it. be happy for the things you have. ok, i dont know where this is going so i'll change topics. i cant wait to see this korean movie called "The Way Home." it hasn't opened yet though in the bay area. it's about this boy who is forced to live with his g-ma in the shi-gol. i was checking out the site and my eyes were fricken tearin...http://www.paramountclassics.com/wayhome/story.html

my ultimate dream: listening to my favorite CD...while cruising in my brand new Viper convertible...down some empty road in hawaii as the sun goes down...driving to wherever the road takes me. oh and of course the girl of my dreams sitting right next to me, with her hair blowing in the wind as she whispers sweet nothings in my ear. ok---fuck the viper, i can be in a MPV for all i care, as long as the girl is THE ONE.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Day two. Went to Dave and Busters last night. That place always trips me out. It's a good idea I guess. A place where one can eat, drink, and play cheeseball games. I used to think that place was hella whacked until I went on a weekend. Must admit it was pretty bumpin. Anyways there was a Oaktown vs. Denver game on and stoopid me wore a Tampa Bay jersey out. All these assnuts were talking shit to me when I was smoking outside. They kept blabbering about how Gruden was a traitor. Whatevers fool...I'm more of a Warrick fan, who by the way is averaging over 4 yards a carry this season. I went to D&B with my roomies, Takao & Tae and we met up with these VC girls. One of them has fake boobies and is hella desperate for some jaj. She's hella generous though cuz shes ALWAYS buying us drinks and food. She's like a regular over there and just keeps a tab. Bad thing is we all feel like we still owe her a night of going out. There's a chance we might take them to Bellagio (whacked ass k-club in SF) this weekend. I dunno, we'll see. No matter how much I hate that place, I still try to have fun while I'm there. I miss the real k-clubbing of Korea though. Shiat, LA K-clubbin is pretty damn fun too since I haven't been there in so long. But SF is another story. First of all the people who work there are bunch of two-face pricks. One day they're hella nice to you the next day they won't let you in the damn club. Whatevers foolios. Second, they promise you crazy service everytime, but when you get there they just jack you and make up all these retarded excuses. Third (which is the most important), the girl to guy ratio is like 10 sausages to 1 ugly clam. But in the end, if someone asks me to go, I'll probably say yes. I guess this means I have "issues." Well, just got my car back from the shop today. Still needs some more work on it though. Brakes are still jacked as hell and I think its time for a radiator flush. Joe's been chaffeuring me around all day yesterday. I wonder if Takao got his muffler installed at Kawasaki. His bike is pretty down. All black and chrome. Old school hardcore styles. I'm so down to learn, but knowing my luck I'll crash into a tree or something.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Day one. My first official anything on the Internet...woo-hoo! Just came back from a bachelor's party in Tahoe. Was totally jacked the whole weekend. I don't remember not drinking. I seriously need to cut down on the alcholic beverages. My liver is hurting bad. Anyways, we hired this stripper named Trina. She was well worth the money spent. This blog thing is kinda wierd since its like a diary. I dont know what I should say and what I should keep to myself. Well they say the first entry is always the hardest, so hopefully tomorrow's will be better. Oh, I guess I should talk a little about myself. I'm a 26 year old working in the IT industry in the Bay Area (my God, that sounds so whacked!!!) As you can see, I feel like I am becoming an ajussi (an elder korean male) more and more everyday. Anyways, I don't want to depress anyone so I'll change topics. I went to UCLA for college...fell in love with the school and So. Cal...and most importantly, met the sweetest friends ever. Definitely would like to move back down in the near future. I always had this dream of making my millions in the Bay Area and then moving back down to LA. Everyone in LA, saw me at my worse financial situations ever. It was depressing yet fun times that I will never forget. So I told myself I am not moving back down to LA until I am driving a Benz. Well, I drive an Accord now and honestly I'm down to move back down. OK, I better end this post. My boss is giving me the evil eye.